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Dare to dream big and make it a reality with Convex Classes, where your ambition to crack the NEET becomes our mission. Our Jaipur center is a beacon of excellence, illuminating the path to medical success with innovative teaching methods, comprehensive resources, and an unwavering commitment to student achievement.

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Join Convex Classes’ 20-year tradition of excellence in NEET coaching.


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Seek out Jaipur’s finest with Convex Classes, the city’s leading institute for comprehensive NEET coaching. Embrace a tradition of academic excellence and join the ranks of medical aspirants who choose success with Convex Classes.

Dropper Batch 

Convex Classes introduces the Dropper Batch, specially designed for students who are taking a year off to focus solely on NEET preparation. This program is tailored for those who aspire to improve their scores.

8th to 12th

Our Foundation Course for students in grades 8 through 12 who are keen to begin their NEET preparation early. This course is meticulously crafted to build a strong base in medical sciences, paving the way for a successful NEET attempt.

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High- Tech Classroom

Convex Classes’ High-Tech Classrooms blend cutting-edge tech with top-tier NEET coaching, ensuring success for every student in Jaipur.

Real- Time Doubts Resolution

NEET aspirants, elevate your prep with our Real-Time Doubt Resolution feature. Get instant clarifications, and stay ahead in your medical journey!

Regular Tests And DPPS

Boost your NEET prep with our Regular Tests & DPPs. Track progress, master concepts, and ace your exams with confidence!

Infinite Learning Program

Unlock endless learning with our Infinite Learning Program for NEET. Dive into a world of knowledge that grows with you, every step of the way!


Step into NEET success with our Class 11 Online Coaching. Personalized learning, interactive sessions, and continuous support for your medical goals!


Class 12 NEET aspirants, join our Online Coaching. Expert guidance, tailored study plans, and comprehensive support for your medical dream!


Popular Courses

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12 week class

NEET Hindi 2025

Prepare for NEET 2025 with our bilingual program, available both online and offline. Expert Hindi and English coaching to help you succeed!

12 week clasS

NEET Crash Course  2025

Fast-track your NEET 2025 prep with our intensive Crash Course. Comprehensive coverage, rapid revision, and strategic focus to boost your scores!


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Established for Over 20 Years

Convex Classes Jaipur Shaping Bright Futures with Over Two Decades of Excellence in Education.”


Over 1000 + Sellection

Convex Classes Jaipur Celebrates Over 1000 Selections and Counting!”


Located in the Heart of Rajasthan

Convex Classes Jaipur Your Gateway to Success in the Vibrant Heart of Rajasthan.


World Class Educators

Empowering Minds with Global Expertise: Convex Classes Jaipur’s World-Class Educators.

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Online Learning Options

Convex Classes is excited to announce the launch of our Online Learning Options, a new frontier in NEET coaching that brings the best NEET coaching in Jaipur right to your doorstep. Our digital platform is designed to provide a seamless and interactive educational experience, ensuring that every student has access to quality coaching, regardless of their location.

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Step into the realm of medical mastery with Convex Classes, acclaimed as the best NEET coaching in Jaipur. Our commitment is to arm you with exceptional mentorship, cutting-edge resources, and steadfast support to navigate the medical entrance examinations triumphantly, all at a value that’s within your reach.




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What Our Students Say

Enrolling in Convex Classes was the turning point of my NEET preparation. The high-tech classrooms and real-time doubt resolution service were game-changers, allowing me to grasp complex concepts with ease and efficiency. The regular tests and DPPs kept me on my toes, ensuring that I was always in sync with the NEET syllabus. Thanks to the best NEET coaching in Jaipur, I was able to achieve my dream score and am now on my way to becoming a medical professional.

Priya sharma

neet topper

Convex Classes didn’t just prepare me for the NEET; it set me on a path of lifelong learning and curiosity. The dedicated faculty and innovative teaching methods fostered an environment where I could challenge myself and excel. The regular tests and DPPs honed my test-taking skills, while the high-tech classrooms made learning an interactive and engaging experience. I attribute my success in the NEET to the supportive ecosystem at Convex Classes, truly the best NEET coaching in Jaipur. To all the aspiring doctors out there, this is where your dream takes shape.

Yash Dave

Neet Topper


Frequently Asked

What courses do you offer?

We provide comprehensive NEET coaching for Classes 11 & 12, crash courses, and special programs in Hindi.

How can I resolve doubts?

Our Real-Time Doubt Resolution ensures your queries are addressed promptly.

Is there regular testing?

Yes, we have Regular Tests and DPPs to track and enhance your preparation.

Do you offer online coaching?

Absolutely, our NEET Online Coaching is available for both Classes 11 & 12.

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Embark on a journey of knowledge and success with our comprehensive NEET preparation course. Designed by a team of esteemed educators and medical professionals, our course offers an unparalleled learning experience that paves your way to becoming a future healthcare hero.

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